LOHO Bride // Real Bride: Amy + Evan

Get ready to swooooon! This LOHO bride (a SF-based photographer) and her hubby celebrated their wedding on the summer solstice in his parent's backyard. The family affair complete with Italian catering and officiated by the bride's brother, was just as relaxed and down-to-earth as the bride herself. What's better way to celebrate your love than in a celebration contributed to by all your loved ones? 


Bride: Amy Harrity

LOHO Dress: Rue de Seine's "Violet"

Style Icons: Jane Birkin and Marion from the cartoon "Robin Hood"

Appointment Jams: 90's R&B

Can you tell us a little about yourself? It can literally be anything! We just want to know what gets you excited, even if it’s that you’re passionate about puppies. 

I'm a professional photographer so it's an understatement to say that pictures and light get me very excited. So excited that we planned our wedding around the summer solstice, the longest day of light in the year.

How did you and your partner meet?

We met at a Juicy J show at Slim's in San Francisco. Nothing says romance like "Bandz That Make Her Dance".

What was the best part of your LOHO Bride experience? 

My first dress fitting! The tailored music selection (90's R&B) and the bubbly.

How did you choose your dress and what was the most magical part about it?

After poking and prodding at a dress I thought was "the one", Christy suggested I give one more a try. Her suggested dress slipped on like a glove. My mom starting crying. I felt like baby birds had dressed me. Cliches issued.

Describe your wedding. Where did it take place? What inspiration or themes were you drawn to when planning?

We wed in my husbands parents backyard. The whole wedding was very simple and I was set on the theme being "no theme". I didn't want the day to feel too curated. However we together some elements to make it look more cohesive. We used crochet lace tablecloths to match my dress. We used peonies at all the tables, the main flower in my bouquet. 

What made your wedding personal to you and your partner? 

It was personal off the bat because it was his childhood home. His parents also had their wedding in their parents backyard, so in a way we felt like we were carrying a torch. We had Italian catering, my family's heritage. The crochet table clothes we used were all passed down by grandparents. My brother officiated the wedding. My mother and sister in law did all the flower arrangements. My in laws did months of landscaping to prep. A close friend made the cake. It was all really personal and lovely.

Did you have a special moment or one thing that truly made it in a league of its own?

I think the answer lies in the question before. People close to us contributing their talents and time really made the entire day feel special.

Any parting wisdom for yet-to-wed LOHO Brides?

Try to enjoy the whole thing! I was the anti bride-not wanting to plan or deal with anything. I just wanted to be married already. As the wedding approached I realized how much time I wasted preparing for it to be over instead of just being in the moment. ENJOY IT!