LOHO Bride // Real Bride: Jaymie + Hector

Some say meeting the love of your life is a matter of fate. We think the same can be said about finding your dress. This was the case when fate brought us the gorgeous bride Jaymie. Her story is truly in a league of its own! Jaymie had reached out to us on a day our shop was closed. Christy at first told her that we were indeed closed, but that we could fit her in for a quick browse at the end of the day. Jaymie came in and fell in love with Stone Cold Fox's Alabama gown - and as luck would have it, it fit her perfectly and was our last one of this style! Read on to hear all the dreamy details of her San Francisco City Hall wedding!

Can you tell us a little about yourself? It can literally be anything! We just want to know what gets you excited, even if it’s that you’re passionate about puppies.

I am a woman who cannot be defined!

We're you channeling any style icons while dress shopping?

I was actually channeling the neckline of a vintage sequin top that I love (and that flatters
my flat chest), but I also love a little Jane Birkin/Bridget Bardot flair.

What was the best part of your LOHO Bride experience?

The meant-to-be magic behind the whole story! Christy making the time to not only email me back on her day off, but to come meet me at her (super adorable/simple/white/clean/chic) studio. Her having ONE Stone Cold Fox Alabama dress left in my size, and it being the only one in SF. It was a magical day.

How did you choose your dress and what was the most magical part about it?

Magic all around! I knew I wanted the dress after seeing it online, I just wasn't sure how to get my hands on it, as the wedding was planned in three weeks and it was backordered online. It fit perfectly on the first try (with the help from some brand new Spanx).

Describe your wedding. Where did it take place? What inspiration or themes were your drawn to when planning?

It was at the San Francisco City Hall, mid-day on a Monday. We wanted it to be simple, intimate, comfortable, and still classy.

How did you and your partner meet?

I was backpacking around Europe and a French man who neither of us knew decided to introduce us one night in Dublin, Ireland. He had moved there from Spain a few months prior.

What made your wedding personal to you and your partner? 

We wanted to make sure the details were there but also keep it very minimal. It was interesting to find that balance! A very personal moment was writing and reading our own vows - in both English and Spanish. Neither of us had read them aloud until the ceremony, so it was a very raw, funny, emotional and vulnerable moment for both us. It was perfect.

Did you have a special moment or one thing that made it truly in a league of its own?

Hector's family wanted him to have his late father's wedding band, so I surprised him with that during the ring exchange (he thought he was getting out of having to wear a band!). It was an emotional moment to say the least.

Any parting wisdom for yet-to-wed LOHO Brides?

Two things. Do not think you have to buy a dress from a bridal line in order for it to be your perfect wedding gown. Also, don't settle for something that doesn't flatter you, speak to you, or represent you. When I received Christy's email that I could meet her at the LOHO studio (just before catching the train out of town), I was literally staring in the mirror of a Haight St thrift store in a terrible lace gown that did nothing for me. As soon as I read the email, I stopped looking. I just knew! Secondly, if you are able to keep the whole shindig small enough, try not to stress too much about the way it all falls into place. It. Will. All. Work. Out. As long as you make sure you do your part, just show up for the magic to happen. Nothing about our day was on a tight schedule or went completely as planned. We were drinking champagne before we even got married! Trust the process, sit back, and enjoy your day.

Congrats to Jaymie and Hector, your special day was truly in a league of its own. 

Photography courtesy of Anna-Alexia Basile.