LOHO Bride // Real Bride: Laura + Shaun

Get ready to be in awe by the incredible story of Laura and Shaun and their enchanting wedding in Ireland. Laura encapsulates all things LOHO - especially as she customized our Houghton "Cheyne" dress and tailored it to fit the true self with an added Chantilly lace back. Absolutely stunning!

Can you tell us a little about yourself? It can literally be anything! We just want to know what gets you excited, even if it’s that you’re passionate about puppies.

I'm from a small town in the West of Ireland and moved out to San Francisco 7 years ago. Although I miss home in Ireland, San Francisco has become my second home and where I will always remember meeting my husband. I get really excited about anything that scares me -- I love heights, scary movies, swimming with sharks, hang-gliding -- I love that little bit of 'fear' feeling.

We're you channeling any style icons while dress shopping?

Three icons I continued to stick with when planning were: Julia Roberts -- elegant sexiness. Natalie Portman -- I wanted to have more of a Hollywood glamour style versus obvious bride. Lily Collins -- youthful and effortless meets classic Audrey Hepburn.

What was the best part of your LOHO Bride experience?

LOHO was truly a one of a kind experience. Every bridal shop I went to before it was exactly the same as each other -- after the third shop I didn't see any difference in the dresses I was trying on. Until LOHO. I got to try on outfits, not dresses, but outfits, (skirts, jumpsuits and very unique dresses). I kept saying to my friends "I want this for life'', screw the wedding I wanted to wear everything I tried on all the time. Leaving LOHO, I realized that you need to put 'how you feel' before the 'perfect dress' because if you feel great then it's the right dress.

How did you choose your dress and what was the most magical part about it?

I knew I wanted long-sleeve's! I got married in Ireland in March so I wanted something that would work with that time of the year. Before LOHO, I found it really hard to find anything with long-sleeves.  The most magical part about the dress was how simple it was. It was a blank canvas allowing me to add my own touch. And I did. The keyhole back needed some 'churching' added to it, (this is what I call -- making it appropriate for the church). So I added the thin Chantilly lace that LOHO helped me put together.

Describe your wedding. Where did it take place? What inspiration or themes were your drawn to when planning?

I got married in a Church in Ireland followed by a castle reception. When you hear castle and church, you often have some obvious 'looks' in mind and I really wanted to stay away from 'expected' look for this set up.

How did you and your partner meet?

We worked together and met at a company happy hour. We spent the night talking about punk music and gathered around the jukebox to play the Pogues for the next few hours.

What made your wedding personal to you and your partner? 

Shaun is a designer and I appreciate a good story. So, we decided to recreate 20 different memories in our life for the tables. A close friend illustrated some great art pieces with the story written at the back.  We now have these art pieces framed in the house. Who says you will never use what you buy for the wedding?. 

Did you have a special moment or one thing that made it truly in a league of its own?

A league of your own should mean 'making it your own'. Shaun and I decided the day before to just have 'fun'. We didn't want to let the scripted or planned day get in the way of us being ourselves and really enjoying it. It started by us shaking hands rather than kissing when I got to the top of the aisle (personal inside joke) and small bits of "us" continued to come out throughout the night. Those remain the most memorable parts of the night for us. 


Any parting wisdom for yet-to-wed LOHO Brides?

Only wisdom I can leave for future brides is that you will hear the word "norm" a lot during planning. "It's the norm to have the table here". "It's the norm to have it start then" and "it's the norm to have a certain dress"... ignore it all and go forward to re-create the word "norm".

Congrats to Laura and Shaun, we are honored to have been a part of your special day!