LOHO Bride // Real Bride: Rosa + Tom

We're so happy to share with you these gorgeous photos of one of our first real brides, Rosa! She wore Bo & Luca's "TULSA" dress, which fit in perfectly with her garden-vibe ranch wedding. We love how the floral details on her dress match the surroundings of the outdoor wedding and the flower petals her guests threw in the air. Read on to hear more about Rosa and Tom's magical day!

Can you tell us a little about yourself? It can literally be anything! We just want to know what gets you excited, even if it’s that you’re passionate about puppies.

I’m a farmer’s daughter who grew up on the family ranch in the Sacramento Delta. Definitely a California girl, I’ve lived in LA and now SF. In fact, I’m seventh-generation Californian!

Were you channeling any style icons while dress shopping?

I did secretly want to pull off a combo of the effortless beauty of Serena from Gossip Girl with the romantic elegance of Blair :)

What was the best part of your LOHO Bride experience?

I had looked around online for bohemian-style, unique dresses and kept being drawn to the Daughters of Simone line. Their site mentioned Christy would soon be opening her own bridal boutique in SF featuring those and other dresses. I contacted her and secured an appointment right around when they first opened.

LOHO Bride felt like everything I had imagined about a beautifully-different dress shopping experience. Throughout the whole process of asking about that first appointment to sending a picture of myself from ceremony, Christy was the ideal confidant with so much professionalism and a clear sense of warmth and caring for her brides and designers. I couldn’t believe my luck in finding out about LOHO and then stepping inside the cozy, welcoming boutique to find my dress!

How did you choose your dress and what was the most magical part about it?

I went with my mom and two friends, and I had a specific idea in mind. However, I trusted their opinions and ended up trying on something my friend pulled. It’s a Bo & Luca dress with gorgeous flower detailing—something I would not have chosen just from a picture or by myself. Turns out the magic happens when you actually try it on—I felt so comfortable, stylish, and happy before I even saw myself in the mirror or the smiles on my mom’s and friends’ faces.

Describe your wedding. Where did it take place? What inspiration or themes were your drawn to when planning?

We had the wedding at the ranch in the Spring when the roses were blooming. While I was never one of those girls who fantasized about her wedding in great detail, I did always picture myself walking out from the house and meeting my groom under the arbor, and then having friends throw petals when we kissed. The petal detailing on the dress mimics the small roses I had always hoped for in that moment, and I think that’s subconsciously the first reason I fell in love with it!

How did you and your partner meet?

Tom and I met at UC Davis. While we were both English majors in a pretty small department, we never crossed paths until a mutual friend introduced us. After that initial introduction, we ran into each other surprisingly frequently (thanks, friends!) and started meeting weekly for what we adamantly described to others as “just lunch.” It took a whole month of these lunches before either of us made a move and admitted our feelings. But if that’s what it took to be together for 8 years and then get married, I have no regrets.

What made your wedding personal to you and your partner? 

We decided that we both wanted a very small ceremony to make it the most meaningful to ourselves and to our family. So there were only our immediate families and then our two close friends as witnesses, with Tom’s oldest brother marrying us. We had the ceremony at the ranch, and then we rented a private dining room in a restaurant back in San Francisco. We were so happy with how relaxed, sweet, and personal it was, and now we get to look forward to a separate reception party in the summer where we’re inviting friends and extended family—and where I’ll get an excuse to put my dress back on.

Did you have a special moment or one thing that made it truly in a league of its own?

Having the separate, intimate ceremony was something nontraditional but the thing that made it really OUR wedding. It also led to the most special moment—when Tom got choked up before reading his vows. He says that definitely would not have happened in front of a larger crowd.

Any parting wisdom for yet-to-wed LOHO Brides?

It’s easy to make “decisions” about what your wedding will look like based on pictures or ideas about what makes something a wedding. But the moments I liked best were the ones that came naturally or by surprise from the people I love, fabulous dress included!!

Photography by Lori Makabe