LOHO Bride // Real Bride: Lindy + Chris

Zachary Gray 041816 wedding-244.jpg

Name: Lindy Law Pinkalla

Dress Designer: Houghton "Gamila"

Style Icon:  Not anyone specific. I do love Annie Hall, Joan Didion, and Linda Rodin. I love a classic look with a stroke of intelligence, then add a little bit of 90's grunge.

Wedding Date & Venue:

March 11, 2016  Point Dume, Malibu, CA

How did you and your partner meet?

Chris and I were set up on a blind date (as blind as a date can be these days with social media). We met for coffee at Dinosaur in Silver Lake. I think we both caught each other off guard in the best way possible. The dates just kept on coming!

What about your gown spoke to you?

I think my gown spoke to me because it was not at all what I imagined. Just like Chris, just like our elopement. Just like everything good that happens. I picked out all these different dresses to try and then Christy asked me to try on that one. I walked out and remember thinking, well maybe. When I realized we weren't following any of the rules with our wedding and were just doing what made us happy, I thought, "Man, I should get THAT dress." But the dress wouldn't have fallen into place with out my fairy dress-mothers (aka my mother-in-law and her sister who surprised me with it!)

Favorite epic wedding moment?

We pretty much winged the whole thing, which was so fun. The most epic moment was definitely coming back to the beach house after the ceremony drenched from rain, and eating Taco Bell and binging on Netflix with our best friends. Just like the best adventures, ours began where none of it was planned and all of it was perfect.

Any parting wisdom for future LOHO Brides?

This store is so special. Christy has crafted this unique world within the bridal world. Take a chance and do something different. If you are or want to be a LOHO bride, you can't go wrong. It's all epic and magical.

Have fun, enjoy the process, but also be honest with yourself about what you want out of the wedding itself for yourself. I feel like I truly embraced the free spirit within me...so much that by the time we reached the weekend of our elopement my matron of honor was wanting to stiffen me up a little haha... I was so chill that I couldn't be bothered by the wrinkles in my dress. She made us stop at Target and get a steamer (thank god). She told me, "All you wanted was a dress, it needs to look it's best!" I didn't have a wedding, wedding but either way, I had gone through and figured out what I wanted for myself from the day. I knew that I wanted the dress and film pictures... The rest I was willing to improvise and be open to. There is a lot to be said about self-care/awareness especially in regards to planning a wedding. It made me the happiest person that day because I was able to love everything about Chris and what he chose to bring to the table because we picked out what each of us wanted and not what anyone wanted. It made it really our day.