Rime arodaky

Price Range: $2,200-$5,000
We envision this collection for: The Badass who still wants to feel femenine
Designer: Rime Arodaky

What inspires the woman that you design for?
She loves to travel, she is dreamer and always up for new adventures. She is inspired by the seventies and she loves to put some ethic in every stylish choice she makes. Taking risk and living the moment, that's the true definition of rock n roll.

If you could describe your brand in 3 words, what would they be?
bohemian, boyish, rock'n'roll.

Best/Worst dating story?
Best: as one of our very first date, spending the whole day with my man at l'ile saint louis walking along the seine river in Paris eating apricot ice cream from berthillon on a very hot summer day...

Worst: when the guy took me to a restaurant on a snowing night to tell me that I was not rock n roll enough. And to tell me that instead, he wanted a slim tall chick who is up for drugs and an open mind to do threesomes !

Who is your Style icon/muse?
I have many icons, one is too restricted! And I find in many women a piece of me and inspiration. Stevie Nicks, Lauren Hutton, Kate Moss...

If you weren't a designer, what would you be doing?
I would save animals at sea sheperd or own a very special shelter. If not I would be a musician or a dancer...

Favorite quote?
"with freedom, flowers, books and the moon, who could not be happy? "oscar wilde
" let it go" & "Namaste" because it's going to be ok and nothing or nobody deserves our anxiety or fear...

Fun fact that people wouldn't guess?
I do not use leather and fur in my collections, and I try to keep an ethic statement for every choice in the company. All our team buildings are vegan or vegetarian which happens to be really unique for french people!
Other fun fact: I listen to Beyonce as much as Metallica at the office!

If you could live in any era, which era would you choose?
the seventies, of course!

The best city you’ve traveled to is…
 I love California and I just came back from Bali that I fell in love with...

What’s your current happy music?
Favorite happy music now is cider sky "we are in love" ,"ocean drive" by Duke Dumont, " this is what you came for" Calvin Harris and Rihanna

Favorite film & why?
Virgin suicides and black swan for the aesthetic and soundtrack. Love actually cause it makes me laugh, even if I saw it 100 times. Out of Africa and the english patient for the epic story , mood and music.

If you could host a dinner with anyone (alive or deceased), whom would it be with?
I would love to host YSL, Gandhi, Beethoven, Rumi, Beyonce, Led Zeppelin, Eddie Vedder, Michael Jackson, DVF, Vincent Cassel, Vanessa Paradis, Mario Testino, Stella Mc Cartney, Nikki Reed, Florence Welch and of course, all my friends, team and family with them!

What’s the best thing about your job?
The Best thing about my job is to dream about a new story, mood and wardrobe for a different kind of woman every season. That endless challenge is super exciting every time!

Advice to LOHO brides:
Be confident, trust your guts and go wild. Dont be afraid to be too casual or too sexy..just be you!